Our Objectives

  1. to assist beneficiaries or retired employees with accommodation facilities which may include housing projects, maintenance of hostel facilities;
  2. to receive from Government or other bodies or persons any contributions to the Foundation;
  3. to raise funds for furtherance of the aims and objects of the Foundation through voluntary contributions by beneficiaries;
  4. to defray all proper costs, charges and expenses of, and incidental to, the administration of the Foundation;
  5. to receive any property in trust under the terms of any will, deed of trust or other trust instrument for furtherance of the aims and objectives of Foundation;
  6. to apply the corpus and the income of the Foundation for the benefit of the beneficiaries;
  7. to extend loans to the beneficiaries for construction or renovation of houses;
  8. to provide for rest houses or centers which the beneficiaries may use for rest and recreation, at such terms and conditions as the Board may decide;
  9. to provide any other facility or help which the Board may decide from time to time for the welfare of the beneficiaries;
  10. to provide support and incentives on no profit no loss basis in the housing, transport, medical, education, uniform or liveries and for the welfare of the beneficiaries;
  11. to establish, manage, maintain, own, administer, promote and subsidize educational institutions, computer literacy centers, institutions for study and research, centers of learning, reading rooms, and other institutions for basic education, adult literacy, advanced studies for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the Foundation;
  12. to provide scholarships and grants in aid including supply of books, stipends, medals, grants, awards, educational career support, bursaries and other incentives to the beneficiaries;
  13. to provide a platform for research and development in the broad fields of taxations and fiscal policy.
  14.  to acquire land and develop housing schemes for the beneficiaries;
  15.  to establish, assist, setup, maintain, administer and run hospitals and other medical facilities for the beneficiaries;
  16. to provide subsidized transport facilities to the beneficiaries;
  17. to promote and develop centers for sports and organize sporting activities, encourage talent therein and to provide coaching and training facilities for the beneficiaries;
  18. to receive, take title to hold, and use the proceeds and income of stock, bonds, obligations, or other securities of any Government or corporation, domestic or foreign, but only for the purposes of the Foundation;
  19. to launch commercial projects for generating funds for achieving the aforesaid objectives;
  20. generally to administer the Foundation for the purposes and objectives of this scheme;
  21. to do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above said objects or any of them or to the carrying out of this scheme.